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  • Management of a buildings ongoing maintenance and administration in relation to its specified systems per its compliance schedule.

  • Administration of the Annual BWOF submission to Council ensuring issuance in accordance with the NZ Building act 2004. 

  • IQP inspections – All Specified Systems allowing for the issuance of Compliance Certificates (12A)

  • System maintenance – implementing the ongoing routine maintenance of specified systems. 

  • Liaise with Council on any BWOF related matters which may arise outside of a BWOF’s issuance.


  • Annual or biennial Alarm and Sprinkler surveys  

  • Alarm and Sprinkler remedial works

  • Passive Fire remedial works (fire/smoke separations/doors)

  • Fire Engineer reports

  • Mechanical Ventilation maintenance and servicing

  • Emergency Lighting testing and repairs

  • Auto Doors and Access controlled Systems maintenance

  • Riser Mains Testing

  • Backflow device testing and repairs

  • Fire Evacuation plans and Trial Evacuations

  • Fire Extinguisher and Hose Reel Servicing

  • Comprehensive range of IQP services

  • Consultancy on Code of Compliance related matters

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