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IQP Inspections in Auckland

Understanding building inspections can be difficult. At Prestige Building Compliance, we simplify IQP inspections for you. Our focused inspection services ensure your building meets the local authority's requirements, ensuring you're always in compliance.

From thorough inspections to clear reporting, we cover every aspect to ensure your building meets the local authority's authority requirements. Our team of Independent Qualified Persons (IQP) in Auckland is skilled, certified, and always ready to ensure your building's specified systems are performing at their best.

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Who Are We

Auckland's Premier IQP Inspection Service

Meeting Auckland's rigorous standards for building inspections is no small feat. Prestige Building Compliance stands as your trusted ally in the realm of IQP inspections and compliance services.

Every building owner in Auckland recognises the value of routine IQP inspections. It's not just a city requirement—it's a testament to the safety and integrity of your building's systems. And while managing this can be challenging, that's where our expertise shines.

At Prestige Building Compliance, we take away the complexity of IQP inspections. Our thorough service encompasses everything from the initial inspection to issuing the Form 12A compliance statement. We conduct the necessary checks, ensure every specified system is functioning optimally, and stay in close coordination with the territorial authorities for any inspection-related matters.

Our Specialist IQP Services include:

  • Detailed inspection of all specified systems

  • Issuance of Form 12A compliance statements

  • Recommendations for maintenance or upgrades

  • Coordination with territorial authorities

  • Consultancy on specified systems' performance standards

  • Custom inspection schedules based on your building's needs

With Prestige Building Compliance, you get more than just an inspection service; you gain a partner committed to the safety and compliance of your building in Auckland.

Choose Prestige Building Compliance for your IQP inspections in Auckland and feel confident that your building is compliant, safe, and prepared for scrutiny.

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